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It all started with a boy and a manual...

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Name:The Universal Century
Website:Livejournal Community
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Welcome to Universal Century, also called the U.C. Era to many Gundam fans. Aired across Japan in the year 1979, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 climbed its way to fame to eventually gain international acclamation. It was this series, indeed, that birthed many to come, filling in the gaps in the U.C. timeline and answering many questions eager fans had. And thus, fellow U.C. Gundam fans have many alternative interpretations (such as a compilation movie or the t.v. show) and series to choose from to their delight.

In order to join, we do have a few minor rules.

1. Please respect your fellow members. Everyone's allowed to have their own opinion, but personal attacks and/or outright flaming is not allowed. Everyone's a fierce Gundam pilot at heart, but please leave the passion for your love of the time line instead of arguments.

2. If you're going to post anything graphic here, whether involving sexual situations or violence, it must be under a cut. This only applies to
NC-17 rated material. Gihren will steal the goodies otherwise.

3. Please place large images, multiple images, or long posts under a cut. Otherwise the already small community will die of suffocation from fat posts.

4. Anything else goes, really. Feel free to post anything you want here, as long as it's U.C. related. I'm trusting we're all big boys and girls here.

Enough rules! Have fun, guys.

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